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Summer Camp
Kennedy Farms offers the finest equestrian day camp experience available in the Midwest.


Beginner camp sessions are designed for students with no riding experience as well as beginner/limit/novice riders who have skills that may include walking, trotting, cantering, and jumping small cross rails or fences.


Intermediate/Advanced camp sessions are designed for students who are able to walk, trot, and canter with confidence and are able to jump small courses. Students are divided into groups within each camp based on their experience and riding ability. All students are taught horse safety and care and learn the proper methods for grooming, tacking, leading, and mounting. Students also learn the gaits important to English Riding, proper position and balance, the correct use of posting diagonals, and how to ride in the two-point position. Emphasis is placed on establishing a balanced and secure seat, instilling confidence, and laying a foundation for further development. Students with a greater skill level will apply their knowledge to jumping cross rails and low fences.


Other activities include lectures, instructional videos, games, and arts and crafts. All instruction is tailored to each camper’s existing skills and knowledge. Intermediate and advanced campers will work to refine the skills they already have through work without stirrups and in the two-point position. Discussion of course design will be a focus. More advanced topics of horse care and barn management are also covered. Intermediate and advanced campers are expected to know how to tack, untack, and groom their own horses. They will be expected to care for their horses in an appropriate manner for the duration of the camp. 

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